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User FAQs

Q.  What is TXLawyers.com?
A.  TXLawyers.com was created to give users a free and simple way to search for Texas attorneys.

Q.  Do attorneys pay to join the directory?
A.  Yes.  The attorney profiles in the directory are paid advertisements.

Q.  Why are the search results not in alphabetical order?
A.  The search results are in random order so that the same attorneys to do not appear at the top of the results list every time.  Use the A>Z and Z>A functions to alphabetically sort the results in ascending or descending order.

Q.  Why is my city not in the drop-down box?
A.  If you do not see your city in the drop down menu, that means no attorney from that city has joined the directory.

Q. How do I contact TXLawyers.com?
A.  As a small media company, we do not have a dedicated customer service department so our preferred method of communication is email.  Please contact info@txlawyers.com if you have questions or comments.